Lauren Ritchie's mission is to help activate and accelerate her client's personal & professional performance. When Lauren immigrated to Canada, she pursued a career in banking. Despite success in this industry, something didn’t feel right. She had a passion for people, but not for spreadsheets. When it came to figuring out the next phase in her career, Lauren's first small step was taking on a few clients in the recruiting business. This organically evolved into the realm of career coaching, which then led her to become certified as a High-Performance Coach.


About The Brand

Project Deliverables

Create a new website reflective of Lauren's new branding. service offerings and the 2023 marketplace. We aimed to make a subtle funnel like website to educate and entice Laurens target audience. 

  • Brand New Web Design

Working with Off-Paper was such a positive experience from start to finish. Off-Paper took the time to understand my needs upfront and they worked with me patiently until I was completely satisfied with the end result. Kaila's blend of expertise, creativity and patience yielded a user-friendly, stylish website which I absolutely love.

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