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Off-Paper is a modern design agency founded on authenticity, uniqueness, and the desire to explore… oh and we're fully fuelled by women. Our team & community are uniquely ourselves, whatever we decide that may be. We don’t subscribe to modern ideologies of what is and isn’t allowed and are constantly re-inventing ourselves as we transition into different avenues of self-discovery. 

Founded in 2021, Off-Paper has worked with brands in five different countries. We’ve created hundreds of custom Shopify features. We've worked with brands in skincare, make-up, haircare, food & beverage, art & design, men's wellness, online coaching, real estate, etc. We've completely boycotted the idea that you need to trade happiness for success, and we're magnetic to entrepreneurs who feel the same.

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never boring. never out of touch.

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Kaila touches every project Off-Paper works on with a particular focus on web & brand design. Kaila is a very out-of-the-box thinker and has created an avenue in the digital space where her curiosity and creativity can thrive. She loves all things art and is just getting started in the creative industry.

When Kaila isn't working, you can find her searching for flights to Europe, shopping down Queen Street, or re-decorating her condo for the hundredth time. She absolutely loves working with small businesses and creating lasting friendships with her clients. This is her dream career, to say the least, and she is incredibly passionate about her work.

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