BASMA Beauty is a makeup brand celebrating a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. Founded by the extremely talented micropigmentologist, Basma Hadeed; BASMA Beauty was born from a powerful story of resilience and a commitment to inclusivity. Basma believes that makeup should be as versatile as you are, adapting to your unique skin journey, lifestyle, and preferences. Their hero product - The Foundation Stick - is a line of foundation shades designed like butter to seamlessly blend into your skin, creating your perfect match.


About The Brand

Our Contribution

• Mgmt
• Email Marketing
• Shopify Design
• Custom Feature Buildout

Project Deliverables

BASMA came to Off-Paper to overcome the problem of colour matching foundations online. Our goal was to help clients find their perfect match, reduce returns and exchanges and minimize the back and forth of customer communication about shade matching. BASMA was growing fast and it was becoming more and more unsustainable to tend to client inquiries 1:1.

  • Shade Finder Quiz
  • Homepage Dynamic Image
  • Shade Selector
  • Highlight & Contour Slider
  • Samples Bundles System
  • Email Marketing

With the BASMA team, we build out the shade match quiz, re-did the product page and colour swatches, increased the number of UGC type images in each shade product photo collection and incorporated video content into
product pages.

As the brand continued to grow we build out their sample foundation program, introduced custom bundles and added a recommended highlight & contour slider tp increase avergage cart value. 



Decrease returns & exchanges

Enhanced UX, Happier Customers, Less Customer Support Required

Successful Samples Launch

Feasibility Goals Achieved With High Shipping Rates On Small Products

"AMAZING. From start to finish, Off-Paper has been our rock. Anytime we have issues or questions, they are available. They are genuinely passionate to create out-of-this-world commerce experiences - and their work speaks for itself. My biggest piece of advice is to embrace Off-Paper as if they were part of your team, and vice-versa. The more information you can share with Off-Paper, the better position they'll be in understanding your true pain points and developing solutions for you."