About The Brand

Aurorapalooza is a music and arts festival hosted in Aurora, Ontario. It features an unforgettable day of live music and good vibes with preformances from local talent, pre-shows, after parties, delicious food and a lineup that spans across all genres. There's something for everyone at Aurorapalooza.

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Our contribution

• Ticket Sales Campaign Creation
• Ad Design
• Copywriting
• Execution

Project Deliverables

Aurorapalooza trusted Off-Paper to lead their ticket sales ad campaign for this year's festival. Feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of tasks associated with throwing an event of this calibre, The team at Aurorapalooza asked us to help them sell some tickets.

  • Social Media Ad Campaign

Project Deliverables

2x Increase In Ticket Sales (Vs 2022)

Further Reach

Expansion Into New Markets

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