About The Brand

Amandine Sol Botanicals, is a skincare brand celebrating nature's beauty and simplicity. Their journey began when a mother-daughter duo, inspired by the serenity of farm life, decided to create a skincare brand that encapsulates the essence of nature. Nestled in the heart of The Farm, all ingredients are carefully sourced to craft an intimate line of all-natural skincare products - designed to simplify your skincare routine while maximizing your glow.
Amandine Sol Botanicals sets out to bring you the purest and most effective botanical ingredients, transforming your daily skincare ritual into a moment of blissful self-care.


About The Brand

Our Contribution

•Custom Feature Build-Out
•Email Marketing

Project Deliverables

  • Product Page
  • Amandine's Tips
  • Tolstoy App
  • Where to Find Us
  • Email Marketing Set Up

Amandine approached Off-Paper with the goal of enhancing their online shopping experience and personalizing her products with a more human touch on the website. Our primary aim was to establish a genuine and relatable connection in the online shopping process and to present the products in a real-life context, without drowning in text. The versatility of each product is a significant aspect of this brand, and it was important for us to spotlight this feature throughout the process.



To further personalize this section Amandine wrote out how she uses the product, and highlighted its multi-functional use. As the cherry on top, we use the Tolstoy App to create TikTok style videos showcasing how to use the product in all its different forms. 

We introduced 2 key features to the Amandine Sol Botanicals Website. The first being Amandine's Tips
This section touches on all key senses - what the product looks like, feels like, smells like, what skin type it is made for and what step in your skincare routine it belongs to.



Easier & More Impactful Shopping Experience

Enhanced Credibility & Transparency

Stronger Brand Messaging

"Off-Paper gets it. They know what you mean when referencing creative, ideas, social media, functionalities - you name it and they understand it. They're great at building experiential websites that engage customers and add value to the shopping experience. They have lots of great ideas for things I wouldn't have come up with on my own, and add value to your business in many ways beyond the website itself."