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Off-Paper creates Featured-In-Vogue worthy websites for Featured-In-Forbes worthy founders. Our sites fit brands who are entering a new level of success and need an online visual identity to match. We pair story-telling x strategy to curate an online experience tailored to exactly how your audience likes to shop. Off-Paper works with brands who are ready to ditch the cookie cutter website templates and create an impactful online experience for their customers. 

If you’re ready to distinguish yourself and take up space online, here’s the off-the-runway design x development team you've been waiting for. We can’t wait to meet you.   

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Editors Editions packages are designed for entrepreneurs who have reached a critical intersection of more work or more growth in their business. You have more on your plate than ever before with the same 24 hours in a day. It’s getting overwhelming trying to constantly improve on maintain your website while you're busy growing your empire. 

You’re looking for an on-going relationship with a like-minded team who know the ins-and-outs of Shopify so you don’t have to. Think of us as your runway-ready Shopify Management Team

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Centerfold branding is for businesses who are entering a new chapter of growth. Old visuals don’t represent who you’ve become or the direction you are moving in. You’re no longer experimental, you move forward with purpose. You know what your brand feels like to you but you have a hard time conceptualizing it on paper.

Our approach to branding takes an in-depth look at your brand, your goals, yourself, and how to connect the 3. Our mission is to transform your ideas into a storyboard of personified visual elements and tangible brand guidelines. Together we’ll develop your brand's personality, tone, characteristics and market positioning. We aren’t just designing a logo, we’re creating the baseline of your marketing strategy.

By the end of our brand design you’ll have strategically aligned visuals paired with top to bottom go to market brand guidelines ready to get you in Forbes and your logo in Vogue.

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Your brand process starts with a detailed strategy call where we'll explore the best avenue for your vision. We'll establish values, unique style and market position to set a clear roadmap for our design.

Our favourite part. Here we'll do what we do best. Once we have Vol.1 of your design ready, we'll collaborate on the brand together and make any required modifications until your brand is better than what you originally envisioned.

Your Centerfold brand will be ready to launch. We'll finish our time together with an in-depth presentation on your new brand guidelines. Here we'll discuss your tone, presence and visual identity so you're ready to hit the runway Off-Paper style. Follow through with a custom web design to solidify your project. 

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Ready to move forward in your brand journey? We can't wait to meet you. Once you complete our contact form below you'll be re-directed to our calendar to schedule a consultation when it best suits you. All consultation details wil be sent straight to your inbox!